Unbelievable Challenge – or is it?

Tiina Tukia, VP, Marketing and Communications, Ruukki
Jan 09, 2017

Also I had the opportunity to meet Santa Claus at Christmas. You know this world-famous man, whose challenge is to fulfil peoples wishes all over the world during one night? Quite an amazing business he has, don’t you think? Two years back, Ruukki invited young architects from all over the world to help Santa in designing ideas for a logistics centre in harsh environmental conditions in the North of Finland. He really appreciated the incredible 246 designs submitted and has stored them all carefully for his future plans.

This Christmas, Santa again looked worried. I asked him, “What’s up Santa? Why are you looking so worried?” He replied, “I love what I do and I’m trying really hard to handle all these presents to homes during one night. But it seems I’ve miscalculated and I have some presents left over. I need to find a solution quickly.” When I asked whether we could be of some help again, he immediately cheered up. “That would be great! I have a dream, but I do not have the talent. I need a lot of ideas and creativity again. I don’t want to reveal my plan just now, but I will let you know as soon as I have slightly more concrete plans. Would that be ok with you?”

We agreed to be in touch after January. I wonder what he has in mind... What I do know is that he is heading for Poland in the near future. Let’s see what he comes up with for this year.

In the meanwhile, if you haven’t already seen the designs architects created for Santa last time, please take a look at The Unbelievable Challenge Book. Also, please see how the winner of 2014 Unbelievable Challenge experienced his victory at www.ruukki.com/challenge.

Stay tuned.


Tiina Tukia
VP, Marketing and Communications, Ruukki

Twitter: @TiinaTukia
Email: firstname.lastname@ruukki.com

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