Innovative safety

We actively promote safety and an accident-free environment, from supplier to production and all the way to the end-customer. Our commitment to safety shows in our actions: all of our products are designed for safe manufacturing, installation and end-use. Our intention is to grow with our partners and be the world leader in safety.

Safe materials and components 

Using our materials is safe. Continuous material development, monitoring and testing aims to minimise health and safety risks. We openly communicate the correct use and material contents of our products to our customers. 

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Accident-free installation 

We provide product-integrated safety solutions and accessories to improve installation safety. Prefabricated, dimensionally highly accurate elements are quicker and safer to install. Less manpower is required on-site. 

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End-user safety 

Ruukki's solutions are safe throughout their life-cycle.

Our roofs are safe to install and easy maintain from generation to generation. With a Ruukki roof, you rarely need to be up high to install it; however, when you do, our roofing solutions make it possible to get up there and work without unnecessary risks. 

Risk of fire is present in all buildings. Ruukki's steel frame solutions provide high levels of fire safety cost-efficiently. Our sandwich panel design can be used to create structures that have a high fire resistance and meet the highest fire safety requirements.